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What is the hymen?

It’s a thin tissue membrane at the entrance of the vagina, usually perforated, that separates the vagina from the outside, or the vulvar area.There are many variations in the structure and shape of the hymenal membrane, but the membrane contains some fibrous tissue, blood vessels, and a pink coloured lining on the outside and in the inside.

What does the hymen look like?

At birth, females are born with the hymenal tissue that will assume different configurations later on in the adolescent life: crescentic, annular or round, redundant or fimbriated, septated, multiperforated, or imperforated.

What is the hymenal ring?

The center part of the hymenal membrane usually contains an opening. The inner aspect of this opening is somewhat round, and it is also known as the hymenal ring due to its shape; it looks like an opening or an orifice, measuring about 10mm vertically by 7-9mm transverse at rest, although such measurements do vary. The multiperforated and imperforated hymens do not have a central orifice, but those are very rare.

Virginity Loss

By visualizing tear(s) in the hymenal ring by an experienced observer.Vaginal intercourse or penetrating trauma through the hymenal ring. Does not the hymenal ring always tears or rupture following vaginal intercourse or mechanical trauma. There are rare cases where the hymen has extra elastic fibers, and the hymenal ring may not rupture following vaginal intercourse or penetrating trauma.The ruptured hymenal ring  can be repaired and subsequently bleed after vaginal intercourse?

Can the observer verify that a hymenal ring was operated on, or surgically repaired?

The tear(s) in the hymenal ring can be repaired to a point that an experienced observer, and even a surgeon, would not be able to verify that the hymen was operated on.

After Hymen repair operation;

After the procedure you will ambulate normally, and you should rest for the day. It is painless. Next day, you may bathe, drive, and resume your regular daily activities in moderation. Every case is different, and you will be counseled accordingly

 Is Hymen repair surgery covered by medical insurance?

Hymen repair surgery is considered an elective procedure, and it is not covered by medical insurance.

Hymenoplasty operation

Hymenoplasty, which is also referred to as hymenorrhaphy, hymen reconstruction, hymen repair, hymen restoration, hymen surgery, and revirgination, is the most popular term (hymenoplasty) describing surgery to reestablish the integrity of the hymen

Hymen repair / Hymenoplasty is the procedure to restore the torn hymen intactness of which is presumed to be sign of virginity. Usual patient is an unmarried girl who had indulged in premarital sex and is going to be married

Of all the aesthetic female genital procedures, hymen repair is mired in controversy and secrecy. Hymenoplasty is typically performed as an elective procedure; however, classifying it as an gynecologic  aesthetic procedure could be misleading, because others consider it more reconstructive, although nonfunctional, in nature.

Although opinions about the nature of the procedure abound, few articles discuss technical details, and data are insufficient to provide evidence to support or recommend an effective surgical approach. Patient follow-up rarely occurs, because the intended results are transient and patients prefer anonymity postoperatively.6,7 Therefore many of the comments reported here were acquired on a personal basis during patient interactions and otherwise cannot be substantiated using traditional medical references.

Can we do vaginoplasty /Vagina tightening operation at the same session

Yes.Women who have previously had miscarriage, abortion, frequent or long-term sexual intercourse suffer from vaginal enlargement. If vagina enlargement occurs as a result of these conditions, vaginal tightening can be done at the same time. Vagina tightening operation can be done surgically in the same session with hymen repair procedure or can be done by vaginal lasers.

How is hymenoplasty / hymen repair operation performed?

Hymenoplasty, repair of hymen, can be performed in two ways. Depending on one’s wish and wedding date.Temporary repair: Hymen repair which is done within one week before marrying Permanent repair: Long-term repair independent from wedding date, it’s long standing

Permanent hymen repair can be made with flap surgery and microsurgery methods. Vaginal

Surgical Techniques

Hymen repair surgical approaches can be categorized as surgical flaps, surgical adhesions, lumenal reductions, suture-only techniques,superhymenoplasty or artificial membranes/reservoirs.

The timing between the procedure and coitus is a critical issue that generally receives little attention. For patients who desire structural integrity and need the hymen to be intact on visual inspection, the repair should be performed at least 1months before the “consummation of marital vows.”

However, when the timing of coitus is known, and the patient desires bleeding but visual integrity is not needed, surgery is often best scheduled 2-3 weeks before the date.

 In patients with partial wound breakdown, granulation tissue is sufficient to promote bleeding with the lightest of friction performing surgery no sooner than 3 mounths  the wedding to increase the chance of blood loss, but not much later to prevent visibility of the suture remnants.

Flap Technique
The description of the entire procedure is simply, “… a narrow strip of posterior vaginal wall is dissected for reconstruction. It is rarely, if ever, performed, because it requires a repair that is sufficient to remain intact yet weak enough to rupture with penile penetration. If true squamous epithelium healing occurs, the flap may necessitate surgical release.

Surgical Adhesions
The most popular technique by far involves surgical adhesions. However, one of the most commonly described articles cited only nine cases performed over 10 years.

Lumenal Reductions
Two techniques. One method of circumferential decrease in caliber of the introitus using multiple, small, diamond-shaped excisions along the periphery of the hymenal ring and the more common method of denuding opposing hymenal fragments followed by surgical adhesion.

Second technique ;luminal reduction with multiple side-to-side approximations of hymenal fragments using diamond-shaped excisions between the remnants, the surgical adhesion technique results in luminal obstructions through end-to-end approximation of hymenal fragments

Permanent  hymenoplasty
In permanent hymen repair, hymen is regenerated. Quality of threads and suture technique are also important.Hymenoplasty with microsurgery is safer and more successful than flap operations according to our practice. Recovery process is also very comfortable. Person can return to her social life on the following day.

The number of sexual intercourse is not  important in operation success.The number and duration of previous sexual intercourse in hymen repair are not important. It can even be done to patients who previously had abortion or miscarriage.

New and best, quaranty techique, superhymenoplasty, permenent type

We have described a procedure for hymenoplasty by using the remnants of torn hymen . However many a times our patients after hymenoplasty complained that though they bled but one or two drops only while they wanted more bleeding during first sexual act. For such patients we developed the technique of creating superhymen in which more bleeding is destined to occur on the eve of first sexual intercourse.

Superhymen, is permament hymernoplasty,  is name given for the first time by us which simply means creating a hymen in a way that very small hole is left for menstrual blood to come out. When insertion of penis takes place hymen istotear and bleeding is destined to occur. As only left over pieces of hymen are stitched together, no injury to vaginal mucosa takes place

However we think that procedure is safe and without any associated complications gives extra satisfaction. So there should not be any objection to it. It is like cosmetic surgery of any part of body which is done just to increase the self-esteem,

A procedure of superhymenoplasty has been described in which superhymen is created which results more bleeding on the eve of first sexual act. It give more satisfaction to the couple. The procedure causes no complications as only torn pieces are used to create the superhymen

Is it noticed with examination that a repaired hymen?
This situation depends on the structure of hymen remnants and the technique of the operation. It can be noticed more in flap method compared to microsurgery technique.

Success of  Hymenoplasty operation
Methods to be chosen in hymen repair  operations are determined according to the structure of remaining membrane tissue, sexual intercourse time and their own desires. The success of operation increases depending on the experience of surgeon. Patient privacy, confidentiality and ethical values are also very important.

How long does hymenoplasty operation last?
Hymenoplasty  procedure usually lasts 20-25  minutes and can be done with local anesthesia. Patients can return to her normal life after one day.Sexual intercourse is free after one month from long-term ,permanent repair. 

How much does hymen repair cost? Hymenoplasty price, / cheap hymenoplasty clinics

Hymenoplasty , hymenorrahay prices vary in different countries. It can be done at Istanbul and ObGyn clinics. The experience of the physician who will perform the operation, price policy, permanent or temporary repair, and whether a vaginal tightening operation will be performed in the same session is important issues for the costs and pricing.

Hymen Repair Clinic Turkey İstanbul

 The sensitive, caring professionals at the Turkey, İstanbul Clinic can restore you with professional, caring hymen repair. Laser hymen repair, hymenorraphy r through reconstruction of the hymen, can restore the hymen as if sexual relations have never occurred.

At İstanbul Hymenoplasty Clinic Dr.Nevra and his staff are sensitive to the needs of women from all cultures that embrace these particular issues because of cultural, social, or religious reasons

Who performs  the hymen repair surgery?

At our facility, DrNevra, female gynecologist,  is a Board Certified Gynecologic surgeon, very experienced in the field of cosmetic-gynecology, who he has performed a great deal of hymenoplasties. You are guaranteed to experience vaginal bleeding upon vaginal intercourse after the healing time following his hymenoplasty repair surgery.



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